69. Site Tour


But first, an announcement. My upcoming novel Cyan has been delayed. It will be out in April or May, not in January as originally promised.

This has left me scrambling. About a dozen Cyan related posts which were scheduled for December and January had to be replaced with new, seasonally appropriate material. All that is done now, and things have calmed down.

So now —– welcome to the five cent tour.

This is post sixty-nine in the blog A Writing Life. The site is also called A Writing Life, which may cause some confusion. Since this is my first website, I learned as I went and not all my early decisions were the best.

This site has been up since August 31, with an arrival page called Welcome to my Worlds and two separate but related blogs. That was an early choice I have never regretted, although I’m sure some should-have-been followers have clicked in at the arrival page and never found either blog. No plan is perfect.

I had a backlog of material which I wanted to present in serial form, so my second blog was called Serial. There is another blogger’s rule: simple and straight forward is good; cute, clever, and confusing is bad.

As of today, there have been eighty-eight posts under Serial. So far I have presented a previously published science fiction novella (To Go Not Gently), a science fiction short story (Into the Storm), a vignette (Koan), two fantasy short stories (Blondel of Arden and The Best of Lies), a non-fiction piece (How to Build a Culture) and an excerpt from a contemporary novel (Symphony Christmas).

All of the above have been removed from Serial; otherwise, the slide from latest post to earliest post would take endless minutes. There will be one more fantasy short story, Prince of Exile, beginning next week, then Serial will morph into something different. Check it out in mid-January.

Except for Symphony Christmas, all the pieces removed from Serial have been moved to Backfile. They can be found on the Backfile drop-down menu, along with two other pieces that were never placed in Serial. They have all been returned to first-to-last order, but the original blog divisions have been retained as virtual chapters to make navigation easier.

If you actually click on Backfile, you will find a page with an annotated list of its final contents, divided into Fiction, Non-fiction, and Poetry. Clicking on a live poem will take you to the A Writing Life blog where it appeared. The other poems entries will be made live as they appear in posts. Five will be activated during December.

Library is an annotated list of my novels. About and Contact are just what you would expect them to be.

Wander around and enjoy yourself.

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