Library is an annotated list of Syd Logsdon’s published works.

515kV5OCSwL._AA160_To Go Not Gently, 1978, was published in what appeared to be the last issue of Galaxy, although Galaxy was later resurrected more times than the story’s main character. TGNG, a novella, is a long excerpt from the novel A Fond Farewell to Dying. It was presented in serial form between September and November, 2015, and placed in Backfile immediately after. You can read it there.

51jbN0bvqRL._AA160_Jandrax, 1979, Ballantine, is the story of tensions between a starship’s crew and religiously driven passengers after they are stranded on a barely habitable planet, and their separate ways of adapting to the harsh conditions after the crew is driven out. Jandrax is still available, brave but battered, in used bookstores everywhere.
Jandrax is currently available in Serial, with annotations, and will be moved to Backfile eventually.

UnknownA Fond Farewell to Dying, 1981, Pocket/Timescape, is the story of David Singer, AKA Ram David Singh, and his quest for immortality through cloning and memory taping. Science is on his side, but the scientific, religious, and political cultures of twenty-third century India are not. FFTD is discussed in AWL post 21. Available used, but you have to hunt for it.

DSCN3476Todesgesanga, 1984, Goldman Verlag, is a translation of FFTD into German. Good luck finding this one, unless you live in Europe.

51jWSpGogfLCyan, now availble from Edge, is the story of the discovery, exploration, and colonization of the planet Cyan, in orbit of Procyon, by a group fleeing the desperately overcrowded Earth.