The entire blog A Writing Life is one long “about the author”, so this is mostly a summary.

When I was  a farm kid, I built barns and granaries, drove tractors, herded cattle (afoot, we couldn’t afford a horse), shoveled grain, and repaired farm machinery, all alongside my dad, of course. Then I was a college student, trim carpenter, cabinet maker, surgical tech at a Naval hospital, college student, writer, college student, county Red Cross director, college student, middle school science teacher (27 years), writer, and now blogger – pretty much in that order, with some overlap.

No, I wasn’t a bad student who kept quitting. I finished every program I started. I have a BS in Anthropology from Michigan State, an MA in Social Science from the University of Chicago, and  a second BA and MA in History from California State, Stanislaus that I got while I was writing full time. When it became apparent that I was going to starve as a writer, I went back to the University of the Pacific long enough to attach a teaching credential onto everything else.

I am ridiculously overeducated, and I loved every minute of getting that way.

Over forty years, I have written nine novels and innumerable parts of novels, many of them unfinished rather than abandoned. My first publication was a novella in Galaxy, followed by novels from Ballantine and Pocket Books, one of which was published in German translation. My latest novel is coming out in e-book format from EDGE in 2016.

I’ve done everything a writer can do except make a living. Now I am a blogger – but only sort of.  A Writing Life is not made up of day to day ruminations, but of polished mini-essays on all the things that have made me the kind of writer I am.

Serial is just what it’s name implies, some of my work made available in serial form.

I see my task in the metaphor of a baker standing outside his business with a plateful of donuts, giving them away and saying, “There are even better things for sale inside.”

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