The entire blog A Writing Life is one long “about the author”, so this is mostly a summary.

When I was  a farm kid, I built barns and granaries, drove tractors, herded cattle (afoot, we couldn’t afford a horse), shoveled grain, and repaired farm machinery, all alongside my dad, of course. Then I was a college student, trim carpenter, cabinet maker, surgical tech at a Naval hospital, college student, writer, college student, county Red Cross director, college student, middle school science teacher (27 years), writer, and now blogger – pretty much in that order, with some overlap.

No, I wasn’t a bad student who kept quitting. I finished every program I started. I have a BS in Anthropology from Michigan State, an MA in Social Science from the University of Chicago, and  a second BA and MA in History from California State, Stanislaus that I got while I was writing full time. When it became apparent that I was going to starve as a writer, I went back to the University of the Pacific long enough to attach a teaching credential onto everything else.

I am ridiculously overeducated, and I loved every minute of getting that way.

Over forty years, I have written nine novels and innumerable parts of novels, many of them unfinished rather than abandoned. My first publication was a novella in Galaxy, followed by novels from Ballantine and Pocket Books, one of which was published in German translation. My latest novel Cyan, is out now from EDGE, and available on Amazon.

I’ve done everything a writer can do except make a living. Now I am a blogger – but only sort of.  A Writing Life is not made up of day to day ruminations, but of polished mini-essays on all the things that have made me the kind of writer I am.

Serial is just what it’s name implies, some of my work made available in serial form.

I see my task in the metaphor of a baker standing outside his business with a plateful of donuts, giving them away and saying, “There are even better things for sale inside.”


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