Greetings, Friends:
This page is the permanent archive for the fiction, non-fiction, and poetry that will appear in A Writing LIfe and Serial. I am setting it up now with all the titles I expect to appear here. Check the
Backfile drop down menu to know which are ready to access. For navigation purposes, longer works are given virtual chapters, even where chapters did not appear in the originals.

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The Best of Lies Selenchuk came to slay a dragon and stayed to live a quiet life. Now another would-be dragon slayer is about to mess that up. Set in the World of the Menhir.

Blondel of Arden Blondel is a peaceful, small statured bard of small magics, but he is also more than he seems. Blondel of Arden and Prince of Exile are my only non-Menhir fantasies.

Conversations in Bedlam Heed the spoiler alert at the top of this piece.

Into the Storm A day’s recreation with strong undertones.

Koan Short and snarky.

The Prince of Exile Nothing is what it seems, in service of the Prince. Prince of Exile and Blondel of Arden are my only non-Menhir fantasies.

To Go Not Gently Ram David Singh, formerly of Ozarka, NorAm, now of India, the last, great scientific country on a post-apocalyptic Earth, is trying for immortality. Lots of luck. Novella, originally published in Galaxy, a modified excerpt from A Fond Farewell to Dying.

Who Is Jacob Tanner  As a matter of full disclosure, this is an early story which I chose not to include in Serial. I place it here out of a sense of completeness, since it was my first attempt at dealing with cloning and memory transfer.


How To Build a Culture The is the text of a talk given at Westercon 34, held in Sacramento, CA  in 1981.

          Poetry: These do not appear on the drop down menu. Links will be added to this list as they are posted in A Writing Life .

All I Know

Bind Not, Be Not Bound

Cinn sings a folksong

Don’t Look at Me


God, If He Were God

Gray Days

Hungry (The poem is near the bottom of the post titled Walls Against the World.)

Mairi Sat Down at the Side of the Road

making poetry on Cyan

Montrose and Argyil

Mother Tongue (At the bottom of the post titled N—-)

Not Here

Roses, Out of the Dry Ground

The War is Over

There Am I

unfinished manuscript, Uke Tomiki

You Have Spent Your Life