54. Bind Not, Be Not Bound

In Blondel of Arden, now in Backfile, and in post 56, coming Thursday, I produced song lyrics to give my characters a chance to show their attitudes. In the novel Cyan, due out in spring, I went a step further by having the characters themselves write poetry. I’ll cover that in a future post.

Keir Delacroix is the groundside leader of the explorers on Cyan. Because of events in his childhood, he has an aversion to forcing others to his will – especially women. He spells this out in a poem.

Bind Not, Be Not Bound

Speak softly, draw near,
Touch but do not cling,
Bind not!

Share with me your love and laughter,
Smiles and frowns, days and nights.
As a lover, as a friend,
Mine, but free.
(As I am free.)

Remain as you wish,
Depart when you will.
Be not bound.

This attitude leads him to questionable decisions late in his year of exploration. Those decisions come back to haunt him when the explorers return to Earth, massively change the early days of colonization, and ultimately lead Keir to a broader view of human relationships.

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