91. Redneck Granny

Your Redneck Granny is a Black Woman,
and she doesn’t even know it

That provocative phrase is a title I have planned for a future book.

Last post, I said, “ . . . white purity is not just endangered; it hasn’t existed for hundreds of years.” To turn that title and that notion into a book will take some research, but let’s look at the bare bones of the argument.

The first African slaves arrived in America in 1619. That’s 397 years ago. If we count twenty-five years as a generation, that’s 16 generations.

Now, lets look at you and your ancestors, assuming that you consider yourself white.

You had two parents (we’re speaking biologically here) and they had four parents and they had eight parents . . .; up the line 16 generations, that’s just under 33,000 ancestors. Counting all the ones it took to get back there, that about 65,000 folks who sent your DNA down the line.

What are the chances that not one of them was out of Africa?

Suppose one black woman was made pregnant by her master in the first generation. How many of her descendants would carry at least a trace of that DNA event?

Historically, women bore many children, and many of them died while young. Let’s say that the average woman had four children who lived long enough to have children of their own. That original black woman would have one billion, seventy three million, seven hundred forty one thousand, eight hundred twenty four partly white children, even if that was the only rape in the history of race relations.

And what are the chances that was the only rape? None. So much for black purity, but that isn’t any big secret. What about white purity?

How white do you have to be to pass for white? Three quarters? Seven eighths? How many generations does that take, particularly since the whiter a girl is, the more likely she is to be the object of a white man’s interest. Three generations at the most; and what are the chances that a whitish black girl would choose to pass if she could? Why wouldn’t she, if she could get away with it?

More math. Lets say that by 1700 (eighty years into the era of slavery), one hundred partially negro girls had passed for white. That’s not a big number to surmise. In fact, it’s ridiculously small. Let’s just look at that hypothetical hundred, and not consider for the moment all the blacks who passed subsequently.

Let’s give doubters no excuse for their doubts. Let’s say that these passing girls only averaged three children who went on to have children. That’s certainly an underestimation. Their descendants are boys and girls who are going to disappear into the white gene pool; who may not know, and whose descendants will never know, that they carry a partially  black genetic heritage. How many of that original one hundred could there be today?

6,710,886,400. Six billion, seven hundred ten million, eight hundred eighty six thousand, four hundred. Nearly as many as there are humans on the Earth.

That doesn’t count all the other blacks, male and female, who passed in the last four hundred years.

If big numbers don’t impress you, let’s make it personal.

Rhett Butler was partly black. Scarlet O’hara was partly black. Simon Legree was partly black.

You’re partly black. I’m partly black. And my relatives just disowned me.

That’s mighty white of them!


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