92. Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Last post I made the argument that racial mixing has been going on in America for nearly four hundred years, that whitish negroes have been passing for white and disappearing into the “white” population for almost that long, and that by now we are all one race.

We didn’t get that way by sitting in a circle, holding hands, and having pretty thoughts. We got that way by rape. Or at least by white men doing whatever they damn well pleased with black women, when it wasn’t illegal.

Slaves heading for America were chained naked and helpless below decks. The sailors were as horny as – sailors. You do the math. Logic suggests that miscegenation began before the slaves ever arrived in America.

Everyone secretly knows that, and pale black folks prove it. It will be harder to accept that the gene flow moved both ways, by means of even paler black folks.

There are two groups who will hate and resist this idea.


And blacks.

I think the average “white” is likely to respond, “No way! I’m white and that’s all there is to it. So shut your mouth and crawl back under whatever rock you crawled out from!”

And the average “black” will probably respond, “So what? It makes no difference. I’m black, and you’re damned well not going to take that away from me.”

We have been living so long with the myth of two races that, biology notwithstanding, we have made it a cultural reality. And we have invested four hundred years of denial in making this non-existent difference the most important fact in our national life.

If I could disseminate the one race doctrine throughout America, all would be well.

Yeah, right!

Black-haters would disbelieve in their souls while paying lip service. They would say, “If we’re all one race, then there can be no such thing as a racially motivated crime.”

Don’t blame me when that happens.

The fact is that “blacks” and “whites” are different – culturally different, in the same way Mormons are different from Catholics, and Hindus are different from Jews. The fact that we all share the same gene pool doesn’t change that.

It is, however, the truth. And the truth is the only starting point for facing the future.


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