316. Cyan is Here

Finally, after a long wait, CYAN is available for pre-order at Amazon.

If you click here they will take your $2.99. That’s half price to those who pre-order. Pre-ordering puts you first in the queue and gives you the discount; the book itself will arrive in your Kindle on April 17.

Cyan will be available exclusively to Kindle customers at full price on April 17, and available to all eBook retailers on July 17.

Yea! (The dates I gave in an earlier post are now defunct.)


It think it would be fair to assume that, if you aren’t reading here for the very first time, you know that I started this blog to support Cyan. By now you know my writing style, and you’re still here, so it’s safe to assume you will like it. 

In the days before the internet, writers didn’t have to publicize their own work, unless they were a best seller and went on book signing tours. Writers also couldn’t publicize their own work, so the sword cut both ways. If you had a good book that didn’t find its audience, there was nothing you could do about it.

Now authors can and must be their own publicist. Hence this blog — even though writing it has become an ongoing pleasure.

Now its your turn. Brian at EDGE said to me:

One of our goals is to get 50 reviews posted on Amazon as quickly as possible.  Reviews can be posted any time after April 17th.  However, there is a catch. Only Amazon customers can post reviews.  A qualified Amazon customer does not have to have purchased CYAN to post a review, but they must have purchased something from Amazon in the past.

It would be good for you to contact as many of your supporters and ask if they would post a review. (That’s you.) If they are not currently an Amazon customer, they can become one by purchasing a copy of CYAN any time (and at the pre-order price of 2.99) and then post their review after the book becomes available on the 17th of April.

So that’s it. No hidden agenda. The agenda is in plain sight and always has been. However, I do have an additional inducement.

If you read Cyan, and like it, and review it, and it becomes successful enough to warrant publishers taking on other books of mine, then you will soon see:

Valley of the Menhir

Scourge of Heaven

Who Once Were Kin

All fantasy novels, already written. You might soon see two planned but not yet written sequels to Cyan. You might even see:

Raven’s Run (in Serial now)

Symphony in  a Minor Key (a teacher rebuilds his life after a false accusation of abuse)

Both are contemporary fiction. Your kids might even get to read the young adult Spirit Deer. (Either soon or later — I don’t know your life plans.)

Right now, I’m concentrating on Amazon, but if you also send a review to Goodreads, I wouldn’t mind at all.

There is a lot riding on electronic word of mouth.


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