Raven’s Run 91

There are no guarantees in life. Sometimes you have to make a choice and take the leap.

“How much of the story do you know?” I asked.

Cabral said, “I have a copy of the story you and Ramona told at the embassy when you arrived. I have a copy of Cumming’s report of the fight on your boat. I have Hayden’s report of driving you to Nimes to put you on a train for Paris. Ed and I have read and discussed them at length.”

“When I say ‘Davis’, you know that I mean the heavier of the two attackers?”

Cabral nodded. Wilkes was leaning back in recording mode again.

“Two nights ago, in Venice, I killed Davis.”

*       *       *

The whole story took a while to tell, even though Cabral and Wilkes resisted the temptation to interrupt. When it was finished, the Senator said, “Ed, route this through the embassy and keep our names out of it. Suspicions that Davis and his partner may have gone to Venice. Give a good description. Maybe the embassy will use Interpol to send the message. We are to hear as soon as the embassy knows anything. No mention of Davis’ death.”

“Got it.”

While Wilkes was on the phone, Cabral turned back to me and said, “Thank you. Really thank you, this time. I said it before as a gesture, but I didn’t mean it. Since I didn’t know about the Fletcher woman, your actions had seemed foolish and destructive. Now I know better.”

I said, “I only had your daughter’s interest in mind. With maybe a bit of wounded pride as an added incentive.”

“Wounding people is Ramona’s special gift. You look tired.”

“In the last two days, I have only had a nap on the train. But, more than that, I need a shower.”

Cabral smiled. He said, “Now that I’ve heard your story, I will make some inquiries that may help make sense of things. One thing first: describe Susyn Fletcher.”

“About five feet one, bleached blonde hair cut shoulder length. Slim, attractive. Not beautiful, but the kind whose vivacity makes up for it. Face rather triangular. Her most prominent features – if they weren’t contact lenses – were her eyes. Violet. A most remarkable color.”

Cabral was lost in thought for a minute, then he said,  “Maybe. I may know her after all, under another name. I’ll call my staff to check. Meanwhile, make free use of the suite. Ed and I will both be out. You will be here when we get back?”

It was more an order than a question. I said, “Don’t knock when you get return; unlock the door yourself. I’ll be asleep on the couch.” more tomorrow


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