How to Get Readers for Your Blog

I have discovered the secret to getting readers for my blog, and I hate it.

On November 29th I posted a blog called Machine Porn. It was about an episode of a PBS show that showed lots of old sewing machines, and it used that as a springboard for talking about the clockwork aspect of steampunk.

If you are a guitarist, you know that guitar porn doesn’t mean naked women with guitars, it means cool looking guitars. If you are a motorcyclist, you know that motorcycle porn means pictures of cool looking motorcycles. In either case there may be naked women, but that is incidental. By machine porn, I meant that the PBS show in question had lots of cool looking old machines.

So far no one has “liked” the post. That is appropriate; it was a very minor effort. But hardly a day goes by without someone, somewhere opening that post. It probably has more hits than anything else I have done.

I’m sure they must all be terribly disappointed. I refuse to visualize what they think they are going to find.

UPDATE. This is what I added to the post in question after it continued to bring about unrequited lust.

               Friends, I am amending this post as of June 1, 2018. I am changing it’s title from Machine P o r n. I have had more hits on this post than on anything I have written, but I have obviously just been generating frustration among those who clicked on purely because of the word P o r n. You will notice that I have also hidden the word itself from the view of crawlers.
I like hits as much as the next blogger, but I’m not into misrepresentation. I am leaving the post otherwise intact, since it does have something non- p or n ographic to say.

It is now called Machine P, and I don’t expect any more unhappy visitors.


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